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Located in the heart of downtown Whitehorse, Riverstone Dental serves patients of all ages with various needs. Our dental team believes that systemic wellness starts with good oral care. We invest in the health and appearance of smiles, and we think that you should too. Wise oral health decisions and education lead to lifelong good health.

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Dental care should be achievable and accessible for the entire community in Whitehorse. We provide patient-centered care in all stages of the smile journey. Our dentists practice attentive oral care for babies, seniors, and anyone in between. 

We understand that time is precious. We can plan consecutive or simultaneous appointments for families with multiple children so that you can spend more quality time out of the office with your loved ones.
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We also have dental specialists with extra training to handle your specific needs: 


Endodontists are highly trained dental specialists that repair the tooth pulp (tissues inside the tooth) and surrounding tissues of the tooth. They work hard to save your natural tooth by diagnosing and treating complex cases of discomfort with advanced techniques, like endodontic surgeries and root canal retreatments.


Orthodontists systematically diagnose, prevent, and treat teeth and jaw irregularities to avert the risk of developing future issues. These specialists use dental devices to gently yet forcefully move the position of teeth in the oral cavity. Orthodontists are often associated with children and teenagers, but they can correct dental health problems at any age.

Oral and maxillofacial surgeons

Oral and maxillofacial surgeons treat a variety of conditions that affect the jaw and neck. These surgeons specialize in performing complex extractions like impacted wisdom teeth, treating trauma-induced injuries, placing dental implants, and diagnosing head and neck cancers. They are also qualified to provide sedation

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Our dental practice has a near-perfect rating when reviewed by patients. If you’re looking for a great dental team in Whitehorse, look no further! Contact us to schedule an appointment today.
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