At Riverstone Dental, we know how difficult it can be to squeeze a visit at the dentist in your busy life. That is why we offer weeknights appointments. Longer opening hours will allow us to accommodate your dental emergencies.

With an active lifestyle, it is not easy to always remember that you are due for your annual check-up, but with our reminder alerts, you are never out of the loop. You can always count on us to give you a reminder whether it is by phone, email, mail, or text. And even in a very active lifestyle, it is just as easy and quick for you to book or confirm a visit with us.

Family Block Scheduling

It can be very challenging for large families to coordinate dental visits. But at Riverstone Dental, we offer family block appointment where every member of your family can be seen back-to-back or even at the same time. Family block schedule helps you complete your dental care in the fewest appointments possible, giving you time to enjoy other important moments in life.

Few Visits As Possible

We are aware that most of our patients do not want to plan their schedule around a dental visit. Riverstone Dental can provide same visit cleaning and dental checkup, therefore avoiding the need for two separate appointments. Also if you want to start your dental work on the same day, we will try to accommodate you, while keeping in mind what is realistically possible and comfortable for you.

Ready to book an appointment?

Please call at (867) 668-6077 and we will be happy to hear from you!

Our goal is to make your visit effective and comfortable. In order to achieve that, we will make sure you are fully informed about your dental health before you walk out of our office. Different treatment options can be confusing, but we will be there to answer all of your questions. We are dedicated to providing you gentle dental care and want to make sure you can look forward to your next dental appointment.

Our Patients Love Us

Our dental practice has a near-perfect rating when reviewed by patients. If you’re looking for a great dental team in Whitehorse, look no further! Contact us to schedule an appointment today.
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