Comfort and Amenities

Sedation Dentistry

At Riverstone Dental, we offer a variety of sedation services techniques to help anxious patients relax and feel comfortable while dental work is being performed. If dental anxiety has caused you to worry about or postpone treatment in the past, please advise your dentist.

For the most anxious patient, we can provide oral sedation that will allow them to relax throughout their visit and that will last only a few hours, after which they will regain their complete alertness.

For more advanced cases, we do offer intravenous sedation where you will be placed in a deep state of relaxation. The whole dental procedure goes by faster, and you might forget partly or completely your dental appointment

Before undergoing any of these types of sedation methods, we will review your complete medical history, medication list and habits in order to make sure that you are a good canditate. We will take every aspect in consideration during the preparation and planning of your visit as our safety is our top priority.

Types of Sedation Services

Sedation techniques induce a calming state in patients so that they feel less anxiety. These techniques also help ensure that dental treatment seems to go by faster from the patient's perspective. Often, patients have no memories of treatment being even being performed.

Our practice uses two main types of sedation services: oral sedatives and IV sedation. Oral sedatives can be taken by the patient 30 minutes to an hour before the procedure.

IV Sedation

IV sedation is an ideal technique for patients who require a deeper level of sedation than provided by mere oral medication. This technique induces a calm relaxed state through the intravenous administration of powerful sedatives. However, unlike general anaesthesia, this technique does not make the patient unconscious.